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Electric Scooters for mail delivery in Spanish cities by Correos

The new mail delivery system: you will be using electric scooters
Of the 48 assisted delivery vehicles tested, 24 were made by MOOEVO and another 24 by Scoobic, two Spanish startups in the last mile delivery market

Post offices in Navarre Post offices in Navarre Delivery Post offices in Navarre Delivery in Navarre Home delivery Navarre, as Spanish Government owned company Correos has started a pilot project testing the use of assisted delivery trolleys to facilitate delivery. 48 units will be deployed in delivery centers in seven Spanish cities and their operation will be evaluated over a year.

mail delivery electric scooters

The deployment has started in delivery units in Dos Hermanas (Seville) and Valencia and will reach other centers in Madrid, Cornellá (Barcelona), León, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Vitoria by mid-December.

Of the 48 assisted delivery trolleys tested, 24 were made by MOOEVO and another 24 by Scoobic, two Spanish startups that have developed two different mobility solutions to encourage trolley movement and save energy. MOOEVO uses a self-balancing platform («pusherboard») attached to the frame in which the van is mounted, while SCOOBIC uses an electric scooter. Both solutions use electric motors and are therefore zero emission.

electric scooter mail delivery

The aim of this pilot project is to bring a new element to the wallets and postmen of the post office on foot that will facilitate distribution on the last mile, making use of the technological innovations of the last few years in the field of personal and sustainable mobility to improve the ones offered Service and help them in their work by reducing the effort involved in moving the cart.

Areas of application: urban centers with scattered distribution

These transport trolleys are designed for use in urban centers, especially in areas with less concentrated delivery, i.e. with few shipments per kilometer driven, such as single-family homes or commercial areas. They are also good for delivery areas that have long distances to travel or that are far from the unit the postman is leaving, meaning they have to travel a long way.

Correos is training the sales staff of the seven selected units for the development of the pilot project for one year. In the first tests that were carried out, the opinions were very positive: Posters and wallets appreciate their ease of use, their help with fatigue during delivery and consider the delivery trolleys to be a safe work tool.

Support for innovation and Spanish startups

This project shows Correos’ double commitment to innovation: on the one hand, it integrates the most innovative elements into the distribution of the last mile and, on the other hand, it relies on two Spanish emerging companies whose path it has driven at some point.

In fact, both SCOOBIC and MOOEVO have been winners in various editions of the «Lehnica Challenge», the startup acceleration competition that Correos uses to promote entrepreneurial projects in logistics, social, new technologies and public services through CorreosLabs, the space for innovation, and entrepreneurship in Spanish joint-stock companies.

By choosing the solutions developed by these two companies, Correos reaffirms its commitment to support Spanish innovation and also sustainability by opting for the validation of a new typology of non-polluting passenger transport elements and by using the best tools to improve the quality of the services provided and make the work of your sales staff easier.

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