See best price for AidWheels System HoverPusher Assisted Help. Foldable Cathedral wheelchair adapter allows comfortable and fun rides while serving as a means of transport to the person carrying it or accompanying assistant or caregiver.

PusherBoard for WheelChairs and trolleys
PusherBoard for WheelChairs and trolleys

This PusherBoard System is very stable and easy to handle for both the elderly or young children. You take it off and put it simply in your own Cathedral folding wheelchair. Ideal for long walks (average autonomy 15 km) even up and down ramps with reduced mobility and help lift the front wheels of the chair to climb curbs and sidewalks or small obstacles in the street.

You do not need to know how to carry electric scooters or hoverboard to handle it. Learn to drive this PusherBoard in a few seconds and discover a new world in adapted personal electric mobility.

Motor electrico carrito bebe Jané Trider HoverPusher AidWheels
PusherBoard by AidWheels

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