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Electric mobility innovation update and articles

Today we speak with Ignacio Estellés, CEO of Mooevo, a multipurpose adaptable electric mobility platform, which they have even been able to use to help in the fight against COVID at the IFEMA hospital (PODCAST). LISTEN TO THE FULL PODCAST on SPREAKER ->

electric mobility technology

MOOEVO, the technology that solves people’s electric mobility. CEVIPYME9 April, 2021 More than an interview, today’s was a conversation between true friends who have always gone hand in hand in the Industrial Property environment. One of them, with a very clear vision of what he wanted to do in life, to invent, while his partner is the business «brain». WhoRead more ⟶

mobility system for toilets

A mobility system for toilets at IFEMA. The confidential.December 20, 2020 Mooevo has developed a mobility system for wheelchairs. From cycling to Ifema: the story of the founders of Rotor and their saving invention.gnacio Estellés and his team were working at IFEMA with a mobility system derived from his experience with the bicycle. (Mooevo) “At that moment, the sensation of entering there, inRead more ⟶

logistics electric platform

The Mooevo Experience at Capital RadioDecember 16, 2020 Mooevo is a firm born in 2018 that manufactures a system that provides mobility to carts, wheelchairs, logistics and transport cages, by coupling an electric platform. Here you can listen to the complete interview: Interview in Espacio Leyton with Mooevo. In the words of its CFO and co-founder, Pablo Cueto, “Mooevo is a start-up that hasRead more ⟶

startup electric mobility

Interview with MOOEVO in Capital RadioDecember 10, 2020Mooevo: “Support for start-ups is very necessary in the early stages”. The CFO and co-founder of the start-up Mooevo, Pablo Cueto, explains the important role that the company played in the Ifema hospital. Mooevo is a firm born in 2018 that manufactures a system that provides mobility to cars, wheelchairs,Read more ⟶

electric mobility venture capital

Mooevo wins the Startup Expansion Award in Mobility and Smart cities. Venture Capital.December 9, 2020On Thursday, December 3, the Expansión 2020 awards ceremony took place for the most outstanding innovative Startups from the different emerging sectors of Spanish society. Of the 155 candidates, the Jury made up of Iñaki Ortega Cachón, Director of Deusto Business School, Antonio Durán, Head of Innovation at the Abertis Group, Javier Jiménez, DirectorRead more ⟶

electric mobility hospitals

The business heroes of the pandemic. Expansion.December 7, 2020The EXPANSIÓN ‘Start up’ Awards bring together more than a hundred representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona and recognize 18 emerging companies that are positioning themselves among the most promising in Spain. In total, 155 applications were received, which remained at 131 after a first filtering. On November 13, theRead more ⟶

integrating people technology

Technological Social Responsibility Summit. Change Magazine16.13 October, 2020Summit of technological social responsibility: On October 14, 15 and 16, the IX Meeting on Technological Social Responsibility, Collective Intelligence and Social Technology will take place online, with the central motto of «Creating the impossible». Tomorrow’s session is entitled: “Social Technology, integrating people in Spain and Europe. FUNTESORead more ⟶

Investment opportunities after the health crisis

Investment opportunities after the health crisis. INVEST.June 23, 2020Entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in the country’s economic recovery and digital transition in this new stage. The business fabric has been one of the most affected by the pandemic. The activity of the self-employed, SMEs and large companies has experienced moments of uncertainty during these months. To discuss the opportunities andRead more ⟶

the role of emerging technologies coupled with imagination during this COVID-19 crisis

Technology that transports and transports you. FUNCTIONAL.May 22, 2020Technology that transports and transports you: In the previous webinar, the role of emerging technologies linked to the imagination during this COVID-19 crisis was discussed. And so it is: Fortunately, there are imaginative companies in our country with enough technology to face challenges that were not overcome. Read the original article in FUNTESO: TechnologyRead more ⟶

mobility limitations

An idea that improves electric mobility. BIKE Magazine.May 18, 2020ROTOR genetics behind Mooevo, an idea that improves electric mobility The Mooevo device that allows you to propel a conventional wheelchair and that has risen to fame at IFEMA begins its funding campaign. Uniting a need with brilliant minds results in great ideas. And this is the story ofRead more ⟶

wheelchair propulsion

Much more than Rotor: Mooevo. Deep Cycling.May 14, 2020Much more than Rotor: Mooevo. The inventors of the famous bicycle chainrings that avoid dead spots in pedaling have created this device -used in the IFEMA Hospital- that allows a conventional wheelchair to be given mechanical propulsion. For most cyclists the name Rotor is very familiar: it is aboutRead more ⟶

hospital wheelchairs

Mooevo facilitates the mobility of patients and healthcare personnel during the COVID-19 crisis. geriatricrea30 April, 2020The Mooevo solution has been used in the field hospital installed at IFEMA to facilitate mobility over long distances within this health center, contributing to the transfer of both patients and the health personnel who have assisted them. Mooevo is a device that allows a conventional wheelchair to provideRead more ⟶

electric mobility pandemic

Electric mobility against the pandemic. Open Journal.24 April, 2020Do you know how electric mobility can help against the pandemic? From a technological and engineering approach, Mooevo always seeks to develop products based on the advantages of energy innovation, as well as adapted solutions, in order to contribute to the development of mobility and be able to transfer these innovations to many sectors.Read more ⟶

hospital wheelchairs

Mooevo expands mobility by helping the IFEMA field hospital. InfoGeriatrics.24 April, 2020Just a month ago, they responded to the call of the Community of Madrid, to apply the Mooevo mobility solution to the field hospital for Covid-19. Initially its function was to transport patients over long distances within IFEMA, where the Mooevo system is helping to transport patients and transportingRead more ⟶

mechanical propelled wheelchair

Wheelchairs with MOOEVO in the pressMay 1, 2018Have you seen any manual wheelchair with mechanical propulsion from MOOEVO? Our help motor system for the assistant or companion is an innovation and its appearances in the press are innumerable. They were also a great tool to help the health workers and professionals of the IFEMA Hospital in Madrid during the pandemic.Read more ⟶