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Consejos y opiniones de compra online

Electric adaptive mobility

Get the latest in electric adaptive mobility solutions and innovation devices. This new innovation consists of a system that attaches a hoverboard to any cart and/or last mile delivery solutions, to transport efficiently not only the cart with its load, but also the person driving it. We have also designed an electric pusherboard for our products, that along with the platform will allow us to offer a more professional approach and thanks to the IoT, it will become a source of data collection. 

electric adaptive mobility
The latest in electric adaptive mobility

Its main advantage is the possibility of manufacturing very simple and light vehicles that can achieve the functions required by the sector in an efficient way. MOOEVO also provides delivery tasks with multiple conveniences at a reduced cost compared to competitors, such as a tilting handlebar, a retractable system, interchangeable batteries, manual brakes, etc.  

The development of the product has led us to provide a method of transporting large loads that can easilyoperate in pedestrian areas and other spaces restricted for delivery vehicles, making us pioneers in the market. 

adaptive electric mobility
Soluciones movilidad electrica ultima milla de MOOEVO

This is an articulated vehicle combining a cart and a driver’s rolling platform, particularly suitable for Last-Mile Delivery –LMD–, although it could be used as well for personal mobility. Our LMD solution is radically different from existing solutions on the market which currently do not solve all the problems identified in this part of the logistics chain. 

Adaptative electric mobility solutions for wheechair users anda caregivers
Adaptative electric mobility solutions for wheechair users and caregivers

Our project has a high execution risk, being a new kind of vehicle that can go on the streets, both on the roadways and the sidewalks. We have filed some patents for worldwide protection, and there are no similar vehicles. 

Our electric solution for the transport of goods is extremely easy-to-use, capable of transporting loads of up to 200kg and the driver, who optionally can walk behind the cart thanks to the retractable configuration of the platform. We are also developing a unique tilting steering system that improves performance when increase freight or speed. We offer outstanding advantages vs existing competitors’ solutions.