>For those who live near the coast or spend their holidays there, the waves are a real prize for the feet. According to our source, the crash of the waves to travel not only promotes blood circulation, but acts as a “peeling” natural. Clean dead skin cells, regenerates damaged skin and superficial layers enriched with vitamins from sea salts.
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Sea water thins the skin and helps remove calluses that form on the soles of the feet, which is technically known as hyperkeratosis. “Walking is always good. Do it where the wave breaks provides added benefits,” he explains. These slippers were made for walking…
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Choose walking shoes: Walk on the right foot. Although anyone is comfortable shoes for walking on a road in good condition for a couple of hours, if we do all day, whereas in our way we will find all kinds of terrains, we choose a more appropriate footwear as the correct choice of shoe will depend on the health of our feet.

* When deciding on one or other footwear, consider the surface or the land on which it is to walk normally. Hard surfaces, soft, slippery, asphalt, concrete, soil, sand. If you make small inroads into the mountains and just want to approach nature walk Tronche, sidewalks and roads, must choose a hiking boot or hiking.
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* If your goal is a smooth weekend walk while still being able to reach any safe and comfortable place, his boots will be trekking.

Shopping, best at the end of the day.
* Make your choice of size at dusk, when the foot is dilated upon the activity of the day, or after a walk of 20 minutes. In this way, your feet will be in the same way after making a short march.

* Try on boots or shoes with the type of sock that usually used for walking. Note that a good sock is essential to achieve maximum performance footwear. Choose them seamless prevent abrasions and scratches on physical activity.

* If possible, try the shoes up and down a ramp, since its behavior in flat terrain is very different from what you will find in its outlets, where the slopes are common. In this way, the foot will move naturally and comfortably and can detect possible future trouble.

Comfort above all
* Try on the number that fits a more regular basis and to compare the comfort and fit between them. If you are not confident that the shoes in front of him is the right size, try on other shoes of the same features from other manufacturers.
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* Make sure you are well-shod heel, the toe is not mounted in the other and that these can be moved (about an inch between his thumb and toe), the ideal size is a quarter more than you normally use. Try on both boots and choose by referring to the longer walk.

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Radiography of the boot
* Choose a boot or shoe uppers soft and slightly elastic in the front, so that the fingers naturally open. The back should be more rigid, slightly higher in the heel, to increase the angle formed between the foot and leg at the time and starts the push and hold the ankle.

* Pay attention to the sole. For natural terrain soles with deep grooves choose to allow the matter can escape step correctly on asphalt, wood or synthetic materials, may be less deep furrows, and in fields of grass or similar, plug (rubber or aluminum) are not recommended.

* The heel snaps to the base of the shoe, offering a total fixation against the canting of the ankle.
The tip should allow the motion produced by walking does not impede the blood flow and comfort of the fingers.

* The seams do not cause abrasions on the feet and must be made with flexible material so that when walking, support the whole foot, from heel to toes. In the back must have a slot to prevent damage to the Achilles tendon.

* Decide on a breathable material such as leather or nylon mesh.

* Tie or boots. The fastest, it should be located on the top, to prevent the foot volume increase with exercise, injured tendons surface area also should be firm, but not prevent proper blood circulation.

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