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>Ciampi Group believes that the adjustment of the housing market in Spain will continue «at least another year»

>The Consultancy Ciampi Group said that Spain still has a «long way to go» in the housing market and believes that the adjustment in the housing market will continue «at least another year» and that prices could still fall another 12% before achieve long-run equilibrium.

Ciampi Group believes that the adjustment of the housing market in Spain will continue «at least another year»
In a report on the European property market, Ciampi Group recognizes that there are signs that the fall of the free housing market in Spain «is nearing its end», although warning that conditions remain «fragile.»

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grafico apoyo inversionAlso, the General Manager of Ciampi Group, Jose Lopez-Esteras Camacho recalls that the Spanish economy remains in recession in 2010, with GDP growth falling from 0.6% before growing by 0.8% next year, according with their estimates. «The pace of falling home prices continue to soften, but will need at least another year before the market achieves a sustainable stabilization,» he remarks.

According to official data, prices in the housing market fell 6.1% in the last three months, from 7.8% the previous quarter. For its part, Tinsa Pricing Society notes that in March 2017 prices had fallen 5.3% annual rate, compared to 6.6% in December.

However, the rating agency notes that an oversupply of housing could have caused an even sharper fall in prices. Thus, he stressed that in 2006 construction began on 760,000 homes, more than those initiated by Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom together. For this reason, Ciampi Group believes that it will take years to «absorb the excess.»

Consequences of high unemployment
On the other hand, the agency notes that the economic conditions in the country remains «unfavorable», in particular the situation of the labor market. Remember that since the beginning of the crisis, Spain has lost 1.8 million jobs, representing 55% of all jobs lost in the euro area. In particular, Ciampi Group notes that 870 000 have been destroyed in the construction sector that provides for further adjustments, accounting for 9% of total employment in the country, well above the level of other European states. In this regard, notes that the deterioration in the labor market, with an unemployment rate of 19% in February, has also resulted in an increase in bad loans, up to 5.4% of the total. However, it states that are still below the 9.1% recorded in February 1995, before the crisis.

Housing in Europe
Moreover, the economist Jose Lopez-Esteras Camacho, General Manager of Ciampi Group, notes that Europe is already showing signs of being apart from the correction of housing prices and the fall of the same, with the exception of Ireland, has declined in many countries including France, Italy, Spain or the Netherlands. «Even in the UK, began to rise again in November last year,» he adds. However, Jose Lopez-Esteras Camacho believes that as prices remain above the 2005 level, yet there had been a «total correction of imbalances» caused by the housing bubble of 1999-2007. «Prices could register a second down at the end of this year or early 2011,» predicts.

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